German Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles Visits HFU


   On April 18th, Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles of Rostock University (Germany), visited HFU. 

Wang Qidong, Chair of HFU Council, extended a warm welcome to his visit and elaborated HFUs disciplinary development over the past three years, hoping that the cooperation between HFU and Rostock University in the field of biomass utilization and research would continue to thrive. Nelles expressed his delight at HFUs development and said,Rostock Universityhas a deep affection for HFU and will continue to promote exchanges and cooperation between German National Biomass Research Center and Anhui Biomass (Sino-German) International Joint Research Center, achieving a win-win result.

During the meeting, Yu Zhimin, Director of Anhui Biomass (Sino-German) International Joint Research Center, said that the Center serves as a platform for cooperation between China and Germany in promoting sustainable development of renewable energy and biomass resources. Having received recognition and support from Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the center is looking forward to collaborating with German National Biomass Research Center on more specific talent cultivation and joint research projects.

This meeting has deepened the exchanges in the field of comprehensive utilization of biomass energy and further promoted the in-depth development of cooperation between the two parties.

Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles, is one of HFUs visiting professors, winner of 2007 Anhui Friendship Award, and Academic Chairman of German National Biomass Research Center.


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