Prof. Dr. Hendrik?Lackner Visits HFU


From April 20 to 23, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lackner, Director of Higher Education Research Center for China of Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, visited HFU. Wang Qidong, Chair of HFU Council, President Wu Chunmei and Vice President Chen Xiu meet him.

Wang Qidong warmly welcomed him, expressing gratitude for his continuous efforts in promoting cooperation between HFU and Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences. Two universities have deepened educational exchanges and cooperation, holding three high-level China-Germany seminars on applied higher education and successfully applying for new Chinese-foreign cooperative programs in recent years. HFU will further promote international education exchanges and cooperation to enhance the internationalization level of talent cultivation.

During a working meeting, President Wu, Vice President Chen and Prof. Dr. Lackner reached a consensus on such six issues as the preparation for the 16th Sino-German Seminar on Applied Higher Education, publication of the annual journal of Applied Higher Education, development of the program of Sino-German Logistics Management, curriculum design for the program of Information and Computing Science, application of Sino-German cooperative educational institutions and exchange and study opportunities for German students.

On behalf of the President of Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Lackner expresses his gratitude, claiming that Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences has always attached great importance to the cooperation with HFU, and hoped to deepen it. After the meeting, he visits Volkswagen (Anhui) Automobile Co.,LTD., to discuss the school-enterprise cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Lackner is the German representative for the program of Sino-German Logistics Management at HFU and the winner of 2021 Anhui Friendship Award.



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